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The REAL End of the World – Prophecy Revelations

I had a startling and unexpected revelation today as I was sitting back and enjoying the latest episode of Glee. I just happened to glance at the clock and noticed that it was 9:11 PM. At first I just thought of the connection to 9/11/2001 and the attack on the world trade centers, the same thing most people think of when they see that number. I didn’t think much of it at first, but then the incredible synchronicity hit me like a ray of sun! Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • It’s 9:11 on May 27th, 2011
  • 2 + 7 = 9
  • Remove the 20 from 2011, and you’ve got 11.
  • Add it up and you’ve got – 9:11, May 27(9)th, 2011
  • = The World Is Going To End On September 11, 2011

There you have it, proof that the world will end on September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The evidence is just too overwhelming to even consider any other possibility. The feeling in my gut is just too strong.

If you happen to be wondering what the exact time of this apocalyptic event will be, just put the May and 20 back in and you have your answer. Converting the month of may to it’s sequential number in the gregorian calendar, you have the number 5, then of course the 20. Using military time brings us to 5:20 AM, so indeed, the end of the world will officially occur at 5:20 AM, September 11, 2011.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you when it happens. Perhaps I should invest some money into flashy fear based billboards, that way I can spread the prophetic message!!

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Hi, my name is Paul, and I work in a button factory. I've got a wife and two kids. Then one day my boss came to me and said "Are you busy Paul??" I said "NO." "So push this button with your left hand." So I did. And the process repeated itself over and over until all my body parts were pushing buttons. It was completely ridiculous...so I quit!


  1. i would like to send you money to support the cause! The word MUST get out!

  2. i dont believe the world will ever end because it was suppose to end september 11th,2001 but it didnt so what makes december 21st,2012 ever true for real!

  3. Timothy L Byrnes

    World still not ended thus far…

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