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The Dangers of Oil Pulling

A Trending Fad

Oil Pulling has been practiced for over 3,000 years which came from Ayurvedic medicine back in Ancient India. The way it’s done is by putting about 1 Tbsp of a preferred oil in your mouth and swishing it around for approximately 5-20 minutes. Those who follow this trending hygiene method typically use sesame or coconut oil. The theory is that the oil extracts many toxins, viruses and bacteria from your body by acting as an abrasive magnet.

Many studies have been done over the years making oil pulling very controversial. One most recent study occurred in the United States due to its growing popularity. In this 12 month study (June 2014-June 2015), 984 participants helped some of the country’s top scientists at the Mayo Clinic discover a surprising hazard of oil pulling. In the study, 492 of the participants practiced oil pulling whereas the other 492 simply used a generic peppermint mouth wash.

The alarming results…

Of the 492 participants practicing oil pulling, 296 were male. The findings of their results are astonishing. All 296 men acquired the troublesome disorder Erectile Dysfunction. Even women suffered from a lowered libido. This was devastating as it led to many broken marriages and brought down confidence levels in many of the volunteers. Now they are people with somewhat cleaner teeth that are no longer smiling.

oil pulling erectile dysfunction

“I even tried to use the coconut oil as as a personal lubricant to bring some magic back into the bedroom.”

One man spoke out about oil pulling claiming that “Viagra is behind this fad…”. It is true that Viagra’s annual sales are on the decline as their patents expire one-by-one and newer drug companies can offer basically the same product at a much lower price. This makes you wonder where the fad of oil pulling originated in the USA. Who really made this trend popular?

“Next time I want to use oil to help my teeth I’ll go order a burger and fries. Then I’ll follow that up with mouthwash!” -A former oil puller

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