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Reaction to a Typical Sarah Palin Interview

I recently sat down to watch a clip of Sarah Palin, hoping to gain some perspective on her political ideals. To say the least, I had no idea what I was in for.  Coincidentally, I happened to have my web cam running at the time to capture the true horror I experienced.

I was so traumatized and overwhelmed by the experience that I can no longer sleep at night. The nightmares have become very devastating to my mental health. No matter how hard I try, I cannot rid myself of the haunting scene. I am truly terrified that I may lose my sanity. I am afraid to close my eyes…I’m afraid the horrific scene might replay in my mind again. The horror. The…horror…

“Sarah Palin exposure” support groups will need to be established at some point if she continues with this barbarism. For those of you reading that have also been affected, my sincere condolences go out to you. Just remember, you are not alone.

We must be brave. We must be strong.


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  1. holy crap. that just blew my mind

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