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Palin’s Chicken Dance Raises Concerns Among the Chicken Population

Palin recently seen abusing the chicken dance.

The maverick ex-vice-presidential candidate, who has also been reported to have “gone rogue” in her recent past, may have some lengthy explaining to do amongst recent sightings of her performing the chicken dance at a recent political fund-raiser.

Palin commented, “Ohh, ya no! It’s da chiken daence!! You gotta loosen yer scarf every now n’ den, ya no?”.

Animal rights activists are not so keen on the idea of “loosening yer scarf” when it comes to the rights of chickens. Thousands of protesters filled the streets voicing their disapproval of the ex-vice-presidential-candidate-ex-governor’s decision to mock the once-proud chicken’s one and only way of expressing itself.

Recent studies have actually shown that the common chicken is routinely exposed to a very stressful work environment, and the chicken dance is reported to be one of the only stress relieving outlets that the chicken has left.

Chickens of the world are outraged

Chickens of the world are outraged

These recent sightings of Palin have raised eyebrows of chickens worldwide, and has put her in the spotlight of most likely the greatest scandal in chicken history.

Of course, the chicken dance has seen it’s share of abuse in various weddings parties gone-awry, but the chickens of the world didn’t see the true extent of the threat upon their dance until Sarah Palin unleashed her seemingly unapologetic version of the dance.

Story still in progress…

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  1. This is an outrage! Chickens everywhere have suffered enough for what has happened. They deserve an official apology. If that wasn’t bad enough now animal activists everywhere have taken advantage of political figures to further their own campaigns. This has gone on far too long. They point fingers upon anyone with a name in order to be heard. That’s why I am starting the Republican Rights Movement in order to preserve the morality of republicans everywhere! Those poor politicians never hurt anyone!

  2. LMAO!

    ya gotta loosen yer scarf every now n’ den!!

    I love it

  3. Angela Soup, I don’t think any kind of apology will come soon. It’s pretty apparent to me that ex-governor-ex-vice-presidential-candidate Palin has a very strong agenda when it comes to the chicken population. I’m afraid that this first act of mockery is just one of many more to come… It’s unfortunate really, but then again, she has “gone rogue” and isn’t any point in fighting her. She answers to nobody and is a threat, not only to chickens, but also to mankind. Soon, she may be performing the human-dance!!

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