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Hot Tamales – The Silent Killer

New Studies Show a Link between this brand name candy and Cancer.

Hot Tamales. Simple comfort candy? Or possibly the most dangerous treat on the market?

Recent studies show astounding results and you may not find this seemingly harmless snack to be so sweet.

According to research conducted at The Official School of Cancer Research, numerous studies have proven the casual consumption of Hot Tamales candy can lead to hard addictions and have caused almost all cancer types.

The news was brought to the TSINB’s attention who immediately  sent their two top journalists, Angela Soup and Paul Newcomb, out to find more information. First they visited The Official School of Cancer research. In a world-wide study, cancer-patients had been asked to fill out a questionnaire. When asked whether or not they had ever consumed Hot Tamales before being diagnosed with cancer, nearly every patient answered “Yes”. These results are heart-breaking.

“I was disgusted at what I found out,” says Soup, “To think this deadly addiction was hidden right in the open!”

So How are They Getting us Addicted?  They start with the youth….

“Get Fired Up!” are the manipulated words of the Just Born company and can be seen as an exclamatory on the backside of the label itself. This has been put there as subliminal messaging which on the surface urges every American to become “fired up” for Hot Tamales while the corporation secretly creates a fire within the consumer.

As far as marketing is concerned this corporation is willing to use anything from cartoons and catch-phrases to celebrities and sex appeal to gain users. The trick is to get the average American to start consuming Hot Tamales as young as possible.

Lindsay Lohan - portrayed as being "HOT" for Hot Tamales

Beauty has long been known to attract business. However, it is traditionally used to promote beauty products such as make-up, clothes, cigarettes, and shoes. Also, candy leads to obesity and there for is contradictory of the original ad. On the other hand it would take years of Hot Tamale consumption to get to this point.

Beauty Products create cravings to promote more Hot-candy use

Ok, so Hot Tamales only have long-term effects, right?

Wrong. For years Hot Tamales have consumed the world with its short-lived satisfaction. Consumers pour into gas stations, grocery stores, and various candy stores looking for the quick smile this product produces. The candy is devoured only to leave the user wanting more and desiring it greater than they had originally intended.

Health Professionals have deemed this as addictive behavior though Hot Tamales themselves have shown inconclusive results when it comes to long-term addiction. But what about the side you don’t really hear about? When you hit the local hangouts, you’ll see a whole different world…

On the streets it is referred to as “hot-candy” and can be requested for in an inconspicuous manner. “10 CC’s of HT” is now lingo for “I need a hit of the HOTTEST drug on the market.”

Side effects set in and are quickly forgotten the next day leading you to purchase more of the drug.

A word of warning to readers; Employers are not yet testing for Hot Tamales but want their workers to know that this sort of thing could get you “fired”.

Impaired Judgement is a common side effect of 'Hot-candy' Abuse

addiction at a young age can lead to unusual behavior

In conclusion, could this secret poison be part of religious propaganda?

Coincidentally, the city chosen as home for the company headquarters is Bethlehem, PA. Could this mean that the Jewish community is lashing out as some sort of retaliation?  Or could it quite possibly be the brain-washing Germans coming back with their second wind?

I may not know much about war and politics but I know one thing for sure, I will not let a fad destroy who I am.  Sure we’re not totally sure of their intentions, but it can’t be good.

I sure as hell don’t want to get in the way.

So stay safe and stay clean. I’ll leave you with two pictures of “hot-candy” victims. Remember these faces the next time you’re asked to “Get fired up”.

Years of Hot Tamale abuse has left Poor Willy obese and has destroyed his life. Those dilated pupils show he's too far gone...

A young girl who has overdosed. Drugs couldn't make her life sugar-coated. I guess you could say she isn't feeling so "hot".

Remember! A candy that looks like pills, probably kills!

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