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Cher Reaches Out to the Homeless After Reading the Latest News on TSINB

Cher reaches out to her fellow Americans after reading TSINB’s most recent article about the current situation in the homeless community.

“The images I saw horrified me,” said the original auto-tuned diva. “I couldn’t let these good people live with their current image. So many people turn their heads away as they walk past those who have to live in the streets.”

Cher has commissioned a $12.6 million dollar project to help those in need. Her movement will improve the life of those living on the streets and the pedestrians who encounter these individuals on a daily basis.

“I think Cher has really proven herself as a truly caring and giving individual…” said Samantha Harkwald, age 34 of Glendale, CO. “Her new organization will benefit every American. She really is a breath of fresh air.”

The BEBA(Bedazzle Every Bum in America) commission is already hard at work cleaning up and beautifying all of those living in parks, alleys and even bars. The project is estimated to “bedazzle” approximately 3.49 million homeless Americans by the summer of 2011. Volunteers from all over join in to add glitter, patches, rhinestones and “bling” to the less fortunate.

“I really feel as though I’m making a difference here…” exclaimed bum enthusiast, Laura Burnett. “They are now more eye-catching and super fun to look at! It makes everybody’s day a lot easier when they don’t have to become sad when they see a war vet on the corner of Colfax.”

This movement is said to also help the less fortunate acquire more loose change. After all they’re like modern day art now rather than a lost cause. BEBA has also supplied neon signs as opposed to cardboard signs to draw more attention and brighten up the streets. As the world goes on each day should prove to be more beautiful and full of life.

May life glitter in the sunlight for you as it does now for our friends on the streets.

Reported by Angela Soup. Photography by Angela Soup.

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