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Hi, my name is Paul, and I work in a button factory. I've got a wife and two kids. Then one day my boss came to me and said "Are you busy Paul??" I said "NO." "So push this button with your left hand." So I did. And the process repeated itself over and over until all my body parts were pushing buttons. It was completely ridiculous...so I quit!

New Revolutionary Car Runs On Human Tears!

Throughout the history of mankind there have been many monumental breakthroughs have forever changed our way of life. The advent of fire, the wheel, electricity, power tools, polka music, ebonics, green beer, the love toilet, and lunar panels have all drastically changed our way of life. Unfortunately, when it comes to automobiles, major breakthroughs have been far and in between. With fears of ...

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Outrage! New TSA Anal Probe Screening

If you’re planning on flying anytime soon, be prepared for an all new experience as TSA beefs up security once again at checkpoints around the nation’s airports. According to our sources, TSA has recently begun testing procedures for adding random “Anal-probe Security Screenings” (or A.S.S) to the lineup. Serious questions about personal privacy and civil rights have been raised recently ...

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