The REAL End of the World – Prophecy Revelations


I had a startling and unexpected revelation today as I was sitting back and enjoying the latest episode of Glee. I just happened to glance at the clock and noticed that it was 9:11 PM. At first I just thought of the connection to 9/11/2001 and the attack on the world trade centers, the same thing most people think of ...

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New Revolutionary Car Runs On Human Tears!


Throughout the history of mankind there have been many monumental breakthroughs have forever changed our way of life. The advent of fire, the wheel, electricity, power tools, polka music, ebonics, green beer, the love toilet, and lunar panels have all drastically changed our way of life. Unfortunately, when it comes to automobiles, major breakthroughs have been far and in between. With fears of ...

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Outrage! New TSA Anal Probe Screening

nervous guy with doctor cropped_0

If you’re planning on flying anytime soon, be prepared for an all new experience as TSA beefs up security once again at checkpoints around the nation’s airports. According to our sources, TSA has recently begun testing procedures for adding random “Anal-probe Security Screenings” (or A.S.S) to the lineup. Serious questions about personal privacy and civil rights have been raised recently ...

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Cher Reaches Out to the Homeless After Reading the Latest News on TSINB


Cher reaches out to her fellow Americans after reading TSINB’s most recent article about the current situation in the homeless community. “The images I saw horrified me,” said the original auto-tuned diva. “I couldn’t let these good people live with their current image. So many people turn their heads away as they walk past those who have to live in ...

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Special Report: Homeless People – Lies Exposed


How many times have you seen this sign? Of course we all had assumed any change the homeless received was obviously for beer. One day I walked past an ungodly sight. A woman of the streets, but something was missing.  Where’s the beer? I was immediately in denial thinking that maybe she was a normal person who had grown tired ...

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Police Crackdown on Lemonade Stands Across the Nation


Police officers across America are once again launching a major operation to crackdown on illegal lemonade stands. They call it Lemon Aid Strikeforce, and if you operate your own stand, police have a message they want you to hear. First, make sure you buy a permit for your lemonade operation and second, prepare to get busted if you do not. ...

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